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When it comes to color, ensuring that you have the necessary designs in place is crucial to convey a certain meaning or theme in life. This is something that I have always been immensely passionate about, and I’ve worked tirelessly to develop my knowledge of color and how different colors interact together. This fact can have a powerful impact on the spaces and world around us, and it’s critical for us to embrace this to demonstrate our own creativity and passions in life
A Career In the Surgical Field
As with so many people in life, the desire to pursue our dreams and aspirations is something that often feels like an impossible goal. This was, sadly, a very real scenario that I experienced in my own life, and during my school years, my passion for creativity was slowly pushed aside to make way for academic studies and growth. It was a change that I embraced at the time but which struggled to offer me the growth and opportunities I had always craved.
My career as a pediatric surgeon challenged me to grow my knowledge and expertise, engaging my energetic side and helping hone my observational analysis skills, and my work helped me learn how to notice each fine detail. I also discovered the deep and strong connections and intricacies of tying life with soulful living, helping me understand more about what inspires us to take a stand and find our own opportunities.
However, a near-death experience would shake me to my core, sending a harsh realization as to my own mortality. And so, this experience would inspire me to take a slightly different path in life, pursuing my dreams over academic achievements and success – and I’ve never looked back since. Still, I continue working as a physician even to this day; this dual focus allows me to contribute to other people’s lives in so many ways – both for their health and happiness.
Rediscovering a Lifelong Passion for Color
I’ve always had a passion for color and science. As a young child, I was always a very expressive and creative individual. However, as I grew up and a greater emphasis in my life was placed upon my financial success and career, I had to leave my creative love on the back burner.
However, the process of rediscovering this passion was something that transformed my life. In doing so, art and creativity have allowed me the chance to recognize just how important creativity is in my world.
Embracing my past love for art once again has allowed me new opportunities to convey my emotions and come to terms with my feelings. This is something that I have always struggled with due to a medical condition known as Alexithymia. However, embracing who I am and what makes me different has allowed me the chance to really accept myself as a person and lead a happier, more self-confident, and empowered lifestyle accordingly.
Inspired by Nature
One of the core themes of my work is that I dream of connecting art with the real world; after all, life is an art in its own right. With this thought in mind, I strive to take inspiration in its purest form: directly from nature and the natural world around us. My camera slowly seeks those intimate moments in time that capture the raw beauty of our world, with careful colors chosen to truly highlight each individual moment and the emotions the art represents.
Releasing Our Emotions and Inner Beauty Through Art
My creative process is uniquely structured and allows for self-awareness and self-expression; however, this structured approach ensures that every work is completed to the highest possible standard, without compromise. All the whole, each image demonstrates love, empathy, and admiration for the world and people around us – giving new meaning to the concept, a picture is worth 1000 words.
Supporting Disadvantaged Youths
Alongside my work, I’ve always determined to help people in less advantageous positions than my own find their life goals and dreams. As such, I’ve directly supported disadvantaged youths from my local community, supporting people in gaining access to STEM programs. As part of my funding goals, I strive to donate 20% of the income from every purchase to support scholarships for determined and passionate people in Houston, Texas. In doing so, I hope my support can help as many people as possible to realize their own goals and dreams in life, too.
Discover my Work Today
If you’d like to discover more about my artwork or my unique creative process, which focuses on immortalizing moments from the world around us through photography, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m proud to create powerful artworks that speak directly to the hearts and souls of people who are struggling to find their own inner beauty.
After all, I see you, I hear you, and I feel you. Together, I dream to one day ensure that everyone has the perfect solutions to represent themselves through art – and really let their own creativity burst forth.


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