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Maria João Durão, Professor at Lisbon School of Architecture, University of Lisbon since 2001.
PhD ‘Colour and Space’, The University of Salford, UK, 2000; Post-doc fellow The University of Salford, “Art, Science and Technology-Architectural Drawing and Representation”. Her research topics range domains of art and architecture- terrestrial and aerospace - withfocus on visual culture, aesthetics and sustainability. Author and editor of scientific publications, international participations in seminars,
congresses, workshops and art exhibitions. Founder and coordinator of Colour Laboratory (since 2004) and Colour and Light Research Group CIAUD-FA (since 2017); Supervisor of doctoral theses and research projects; Member of the Scientific Council of Doctoral Programme in Design (since 2006); Founding president Portuguese Association of Colour, currently its honorary President. Elected
Executive Committee member AIC- International Colour Association where she serves as Chair SG on Arts and Design. Her research interests for Space Architecture began in 2000. Member of Team 11 and co-author of The Millennium Charter-Fundamental Principles for Space Architecture” Houston, Texas (2002); Senior member American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Space Architecture Technical Committee, Editor-author ‘Aerospace America Journal for Space Architecture TC yearly article, since 2014.


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