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My path to a career in color design began with a degree in psychology from UCSD. Upon graduation, I pursued a modeling career, which took me overseas. Thirteen years in the fashion industry provided the foundation for my education in color and lighting. I honed my creative skills through color design certifications with the IACC International Association of Color Consultants and Leatrice Eiseman of Pantone Color Institute. There is so much more to color than just being a decorative function or an afterthought. As most communication is nonverbal, color has the most immediate impact when entering a room. Since it is processed through the brain, color goes far past just being pleasing to the eye. It also influences our emotions and behavior, which is why it should be used with purpose and intent. My favorite thing about color is that it pervades all aspects of life, from nature, to science, to culture. It is vital to our experience in the world, yet its beauty and uniqueness is often overlooked. My goal as a color designer is to try to give people the opportunity to view color as an experience - visually, psychologically, and somatically. It’s my favorite thing to talk about because it is personal to everyone.


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