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Good design – and textile design in particular – is often an amalgam of ideas drawn from art, architecture, music, mathematics, nature, fashion and science. As a result, she majored in both fashion merchandising and architectural design while in college, concurrently studying industrial design, interior design and music. She has applied concepts from each area of study – from her experiments in flower gardening and landscaping – to a growing body of notable work in textile design and color. Her textiles have been included in the product offerings of noted textile firms including Knoll Textiles, Designtex and Maharam. “In the Twenty-First Century color should be specified with a synchronicity between science and esthetics. As our world becomes more dominated by technology, we will need a humanistic approach to work environments, emphasizing how the interior ‘feels’ and psycho-physiologically affects occupants, in concert with how it looks. This applies to the total interior, and to the products interior designers and architects select for that environment.” Laura Mercurio is today a vice-president of the IACC International Executive Committee for the United States. She has also served as co-chair of the Contract Color Directions Committee and on the Board of Directors of the Color Marketing Group. She is past President of the International Association of Color Consultants North America. She is also a member of the Inter-Society Color Council (ISCC) and International Colour Association (AIC) and has been a frequent speaker at Color Marketing Group and ASID accredited seminars. Mercurio presented her work at the First International Conference on Fractal Foundations for 21st Century Architecture and Environmental Design in 2004. In 2008 she appeared in Episode 3 The Power of Colour in the SBS/Arte series Cracking the Colour Code. In 2013 she presented the paper Nature’s Horizons: Colour, fractals, pattern and interior schemes for healthcare at the 12th International AIC Congress in Sage Gateshead UK.


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