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Having a passion for color, art and design since a young age pushed me to expand my creative side by attending Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA. After earning a BFA in Interior Design in 1992, I found work in the field of residential design and construction for over 18 years. In 2011, I began working for an architectural firm as a commercial interior designer. Although the two fields offer different design challenges, I consider the human response to color the same for each. As I continue to learn more, it is my desire to help others understand the significance of color, and teach them to think about the impact of color in our surroundings and in our lives.

Being a creative-left-brained person, I was thrilled to discover the IACC and its scientific approach to color. During the time I attended the seminars, the IACC celebrated their 50th Anniversary in 2008. It was quite an honor to have one of my seminar assignments chosen to display at the event in Salzburg, Austria! In 2013 I was selected by the other members of the IACC-NA to join the board of directors and then served as president of the organization from 2014-2017. It was indeed a privilege to serve our members and connect with so many talented people! In 2020 I completed my thesis, "Improve Firefighter Well-Being by Utilizing Color in the Fire Station", for the purpose of attaining IACC accreditation.


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