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"Within thirty seconds the mind will judge an environment harmonious, a product friendly, a corporate identity successful. Color, first and foremost, will shape these impressions." – Jill Pilaroscia............ Jill Pilaroscia founded Colour Studio in 1979 and has over 30 years of experience in color consultation. She is a fully accredited member of the International Association of Color Consultants. Her thesis on Color in the Manufacturing Environment is archived in both the European and the United States headquarters of the IACC. Her belief in the power of color has shaped her quest to educate the public and design professionals about the value of color. Jill regularly lectures to the American Institute of Architects, International Interior Design Association, and the International Association of Color Consultants. Pilaroscia consults with corporations, real estate developers, educational and health care institutions, ecclesiastical, and select residential clients. She creates workshops and seminars tailored to client cultures like Interface Carpets and the University of California. Her writings have appeared in Urban Land, Contract Magazine, ARCA, Interior Design, Multi Housing Trends, Durability + Design, and Multi- Housing News. She continues to research the psychological, biological, and visual ergonomic factors of color. She holds a BFA degree in painting from the San Francisco Art Institute.


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