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I bring a unique perspective to interior design. Born in the United States and raised in Argentina, I experienced the world between cultures which shaped my world view and gifted me with Spanish language skills. I learned to look beneath the surface of things and frequent moves taught me to be adaptable, to think ahead and to relate to people. In college at University of Richmond I weighed the options of majoring in Psychology or Art, and chose Psychology. Perhaps with an eye to the future, the title of my Honors Thesis was "Environmental Psychology: Theory, Methodology and Research". Eventually, an M.Ed. led to the field of training and instructional design where I honed my instructional design and presentation skills. My visual design talent also manifested in logo design, graphic meeting facilitation and process mapping. ​ The twists and turns of life brought me the opportunity to revisit the Art/Design world which I did through painting, courses in staging and redesign and, ultimately, the study of color and the environment with Frank Mahnke of the IACC (International Association of Color Consultants and Designers). In the course of thesis research on the use of color in special care units for people with dementia/Alzheimer's (my mother had recently been admitted to one), I realized I had a passion for evidence-based design and returned to school to pursue a degree in interior design (and a minor in Art-- finally!). My color research evolved into a study to better understand how people experience color, and this project is ongoing. ​ Natural patterns and materials have always been my preference in any type of design and reduce/reuse/recycle has been a way of life (thanks, Mom!). So exploring sustainable design through class projects has deepened my commitment to reducing the footprint of my own design projects. ​ I seek opportunities to use my varied talents to create spaces that nurture people, protect the environment and to further our knowledge of the evidence that guides this effort. I enjoy being part of a team and the variety of activities that culminate in the completion of a project. ​


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