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It’s really about you and your space - but here’s some background. How I Got Here I’d been a human resources manager and trainer, and led communication and team building workshops. Later I fused colored glass to make bowls and wall pieces. But being alone in my studio wasn’t the best fit. One day while making paint samples for our bedroom, it hit me: this is what I wanted to do for others. I loved color, and had some training and experience, but not having heard of color consulting, wondered how to acquire a targeted education. The International Association of Color Consultants North America (IACCNA) Two days later an article about IACCNA landed at our door. The next month I went to California to attend the first in a series of accreditation seminars led by IACC’s international president, Frank Mahnke, who visits the U.S. to teach. I was hooked the first hour, and extended my stay to take the next seminar. I returned for the rest, presented projects and sat for the oral exam. IACCNA training goes beyond a pretty palette, focusing on color aspects other groups do not, from visual ergonomics and the aging eye to lighting, cultural associations and psychosomatic effects. Immersed aka Obsessed Besides buying more shelves for an ever-expanding library, I’ve attended workshops at the University of Minnesota’s Split Rock Arts Program and other venues. I’ve joined color and design groups and search the web for information about color and lighting. I’ve guest blogged and became one of the first Benjamin Moore LINK color consultants in their on-line referral program.


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