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After 18 years as a Television Producer, Amy Krane's interest turned to floral and landscape design. Using nature as her medium and fascinated by the interplay between color, light and form, Amy mastered these arts, supplying floral arrangements for film shoots and designing gardens. Recognizing that color was at the core of her connection to the botanical world Amy redirected her focus. This led to a formalized education in the art and science of color. Trained by the IACC-NA , The International Association of Color Consultants/ Designers of North America (the world’s foremost color education and accreditation organization) Amy combines the science of applied color theory with her artistic sensibility, a background in art and business and the understanding that color has profound emotional, psychological and physiological affects on us all. A design blogger sought by national media outlets as a color expert, Amy has been published online and in print by Elle Decor, Houzz, Consumer Reports, Domino, Family Circle and The Today Show, to name a few. She speaks publicly on the subject of interior & exterior color in residential design and has been awarded Best Houzz every year she has been listed as a Pro on that site, from 2014 onwards. Krane offers professional color-centric insight with a fresh voice on her blog She was a regular contributor to, an online magazine about life and real estate in the Hudson Valley, writing about color and interior design. Consulting on-site and virtually across the nation on architectural color decisions for the built world, Amy's talent for creating harmonious environments by employing compelling color combinations for residential and commercial clients can be found at Amy Krane Color. Her company collaborates with home and business owners, property managers, architects, contractors, builders and realtors. Member IACC-NA , Columbia County Chamber of Commerce and the Inter Society Color Council.


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