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Stevi Eggers
Purdue University  
MFA-Interior Design


Stevi is a practicing Interior Designer, current MFA Graduate Student, and Teaching Assistant at Purdue University. She is a passionate, proactive, and motivated professional, with research interests in the areas of adaptive reuse, color theory as it applies to interior applications, and participatory design. In her spare time, she loves traveling the world to see historic architecture and refurbishing furniture in quirky colors!


The Rooted in Friendship color palette is influenced by a world that longs for calm and renewed connection. A world that is desperately craving comfort, simple pleasures, a stable atmosphere, and a cozy place to foster friendships. The multi-hued palette intends to balance the past two years of political, social, medical, and economic chaos. Muted green blues and reddish tones will give rise to implications of warmth and a neutral stance against the stress and overstimulation surrounding our world's people. 

The palette empowers an inner feeling of hope amongst the hectic world around us with a glimmer of light seen in the warm candlelight and cream tints hues. To sense these soulful colors, look for them and slow down to rest amongst them on comfortable furnishings. The Munsell color wheel was referenced when selecting six medium-value hues that complemented one another yet maintained their individuality. As good friends balance one another, these colors represent an amicable relationship. The palette has medium to low chroma created by diluting the green, red, and orange hues with gray. 

The intentions of this color palette are not to solve global issues but to encourage peace and community stability. An additional influence on the palette is the Danish concept of Hygge. As Denmark consistently ranks as one of the happiest countries in the world, its people strive to live by the ritual of finding joy and comfort in life's simple pleasures. Hygge is described in various ways but universally interpreted as the qualities of being warm & comfortable, safe & secure, living in the present. It's a feeling or moment, whether alone or with friends, at home or out, ordinary or extraordinary as cozy, and experiencing feelings of happiness and rejuvenation. It is an interpretation of togetherness, contentment, and a way to cope with difficult times. You know it when you feel it. 

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